Allergy Blood Tests

There are comprehensive diagnostic blood tests available for allergy diagnosis.

There are comprehensive diagnostic blood tests available for allergy diagnosis. These include specific IgE testing, component testing and allergy profiles. Unlike skin prick tests these tests are not interfered if the child is already taking an antihistamine medication. Results are best interpreted by an allergy specialist as not all positive test result relate with in-life allergy.

Immunoglobulin IgE is estimated in the blood. Total and specific level of IgE to specific substances is ascertained. The result is then scored (or ‘graded’) 0 to 6, grade of 3 or more is significant of allergy.

0 <0.35 Absent or undetectable IgE
1 0.35 – 0.69 Low level allergen specific IgE
2 0.70 – 3.49 Moderate level allergen specific IgE
3 3.50 – 17.49 Significant high level allergen specific IgE
4 17.50 – 49.99 Very high level allergen specific IgE
5 50 – 100.00 Ultra high level allergen specific IgE
6 >100 Extremely high level allergen specific IgE

IgE Allergy blood tests can be undertaken on specific substances or can be part of an ‘allergy profile’ such as; Allergy Profile Inhalants, Allergy Profile Food, Allergy Profile Nuts and Seeds, Allergy Profile Finfish, Allergy Profile Shellfish, Allergy Profile Cereals, etc.

It is also possible to test for native and recombinant allergen components for further diagnostic predictions such as to cow’s milk, egg, fish, peanut, soybean, hazelnut components and many other allergens. ImmunoCAP ISAC enables measurement of IgE antibodies to a fixed panel of 112 components from 51 allergen. Molecular allergy test gives further insight into the immune system to provide clinically useful insight into the risk of an allergic reaction, its severity or a chance of resolution.
The cost of the blood tests is paid directly to the hospital or the independent laboratories and is independent to the in-clinic consultation charges.

Allergy Blood Tests for Children

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